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July 13, 2012
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illustro Extended - 1.3.0 by HarleyGorillason illustro Extended - 1.3.0 by HarleyGorillason
Rainmeter 2.3 RC or higher is required.

An extension of the illustro theme which ships with Rainmeter containing several new and updated skins.

* CPU name and clock speed
* Current load of each core in % and usage bar
* Supports single, dual, quad and hexacores with hyperthreading
* Process information
* Current system uptime

* Current RAM usage and total available RAM
* Current SWAP usage and total available SWAP
* Usage displayed in % and bar

* Updated version of the network skin which tracks total upload and download usage

* Music player skin which shows details on the currently playing song in supported players
* Supports iTunes, WMP, AIMP, Zune, foobar2000
* Displays song title, artist, album and cover art
* Position in the song is displayed as a time value as well as a progress bar

All original unedited and credited illustro skins are contained as well

Change Log:

Version 1.3:

* Updated the feed skin to work now that Google Reader is closed.

Version 1.2:

* Added Winamp and MediaMonkey support to Music

Version 1.1:

* Updated CPUs naming so that it should work with AMD APUs
* Added additional Disk variants
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What must be deleted from ini file of CPU to remove Cpu name and measure plus Proceses, Top Process and uptime? I just wat it to show the cores and only that. thanks in advance
t3hbernardo Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
They are clearly listed in the file under Measures, the ones you want to delete are 
[MeasureCPUName], [MeasureProcesses], [MeasureTopProcess], and [MeasureSystemUpTime]
Y-N-1-F Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Sorry for all the commenting...But I went back to the forum-post linked in my 1st comment, and there was a user there (eclectic-tech) who was having the same issue as me, and moshi told him to try adding a semicolon in front of the UniNewsSubstitute= coding (making it ;UniNewsSubstitute=, which I guess decreases the load on the computer processor because it renders the 'UniNewsSubstitute' code ignored). 
So---I did that in all the Feeds skins from this suite, and so far it has worked. Just thought I'd mention that here, in case anyone reading runs into the same issue.....

Y-N-1-F Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Well, I spoke too soon.....I'm still experiencing RM crashes with webparser.dll errors. RainMeter crashes the 1st few times:

WHAT in the heck is causing this???? It doesn't happen if I remove the Feeds skins from the Skins folder.....:(
Y-N-1-F Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Harley, are you the fella at the RainMeter forum who made the 1st 'Uninews' skin, the temporary one? Here:
Are you (username) moshi there? 
Well, I was just wondering, if moshi IS you, what you did different with the Feeds in this skin? because the Uninews skin posted at the forum kept crashing RainMeter, giving me some kind of webparser.dll error....

The feed in this skin, however, is working fine so errors. I have looked at the coding of both, side-by-side, and I do see that the skins in these (illustro extended) are using a more refined coding, plus I see that you have, rather than a background for each skin, parameters (BackgroundMode) instead, which is great. Nice work!

I am just wondering why I was getting the webparser errors from the skin posted at the forum. I also upgraded to 3.0.0 beta.....but was using the 2.5 version, which kept crashing with the Uninews skin posted at the forum.
If I open the "About" in RainMeter, even now, to the Log section, you can see the errors still logged: .....I think those logs are from when I had the forum-posted Uninews skin installed earlier. At least I hope so! So far the feed in this illustro extended hasn't crashed RainMeter.

I actually changed the bg to one I made, and made 3 more copies of the Feeds skin (naming them Feeds, Feeds1, Feeds2, etc.), so I could match the style I'm running atm on my desktop, plus keep up with some more news I'm interested in (Alex Jones' InfoWars, that good paranoid conspiracy stuff). Here's a screenie:

Anyway, thanks for your hard work with this, Faving for sure!:iconxd--plz:
Found now a solution on the rainemter forum in this thread [link] the source is available

Used the non lua UniNews_1.3.rmskin patch, working perfectly until now, and its based on illustro so u can implement it very easy ;-) [link]
this is the main thread [link] with the lua version to but that I didnt look at UniNews was the solution 4 me, that shown above.
ah cool thanks 4 the fast response =) was allready looking on the rainmeter page but didnt found there something either. Your effort is very nice, will check for an upgrade from time to time =D . THX and kind regards
Info how to fix the feeds skin Feeds.ini would after the google reader rss service shutdown be very help full, witch feeds service could the webparser.dll handle to get the feed items. I dont like the idea to make an account on feedly for that, help would be very apreciated. Like the skin very much ;-) THX allrdy customized alot =)
I've been looking at the alternative options around to see what I can do to get it to work again. I'll put up an updated version when I have a new one.
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